Results and Scoring

Results will be posted on this website soon after every run. You'll be able to see each run you've done and compare your times against others of your sex and age.

Each runner will score points based on their finishing position by sex. The first woman and first man will each score 100 points. The second of each sex will score 99 points, and this tally will continue until each runner only gets one point

Every runner who finishes in less than 45 minutes will receive at least one point. Runners slower than that are of course welcome to join the WaldRun, they just won't receive an official time or points.

Results will be also be adjusted by age and sex, meaning that men and women of all ages can directly compare their times. The adjustment is based on standardized formulas estimating how much faster men and younger runners are. For example, an 50-year old woman running a 23:00 5km is the equivalent of a 29-year old man running it in 20:05. Runners will also score points for adjusted results. The fastest adjusted time will receive 100 points, the second 99 points, etc.

Volunteers will receive 100 points for each day that they volunteer, up to five times each year.  (Of course we'd love for you to volunteer more than that--we'll just have special awards other than points for those who do).

At the end of the race season (May 13, 2018), each runner's points will be tallied, with separate totals for absolute finishing place and adjusted finishing place. Points from up to 20 races will be included in each runner's totals. The top men and women in each category will receive great prizes awarded by our sponsors.

Frequent Runners and Volunteers

Regardless of your finishing place, we'll keep track of how many WaldRuns you do. And for each milestone you reach you'll be able to purchase a commemorative running shirt at a substantial discount. Wearing a WaldRun Milestone shirt is a great way to connect with other runners out on the trails and a fantastic way to show pride in your achievement.

Milestone shirts are available for completing 25, 50, 100, and 150 WaldRuns.

WaldRuns are impossible without volunteers, and we greatly appreciate them! Please email us to schedule a morning!

Volunteer milestone shirts are free and are awarded for every 10 times volunteering.